Cloud server website hosting

What is a cloud server?

Cloud Servers are power-on-demand virtual machines hosted in world-class infrastructure. With a vast array of services that you would expect from a leading cloud provider such as 100Gb backbone, automated firewalls, autoscaling of resources and a wide range of applications and operating systems, your business can tap into resources that are standing by and ready to work in an instant.

Cloud Servers enable the ability for “power on demand”, where your business can tap into resource that are standing by and ready to work in a short amount of time. By virtualising a cluster of servers on our enterprise class hardware, your business can acquire more computing resources, RAM, CPU and bandwidth exactly when it needs them and turn them off as easily as they were initiated, meaning you pay for resource as and when you need it.

By replacing the reliance on a server’s physical power and space, you never need to worry about provisioning, setting up, kick starting, managing and paying for a new server every time usage spikes.

Working in the background and invisible to users, Cloud Servers provide the highest levels of features, performance, security and uptime.

As a highly experienced and industry-leading provider of affordable enterprise-class cloud-IT our reputation is second to none.

Quality counts and we concentrate on the servers your site is hosted on, ensuring both the reliability and speed of your connection and using only UK based systems.

Companies that trade in the UK usually have much higher search engine rankings if they use UK based cloud server website hosting. If you are a UK business, our web site hosting services could be just what you are looking for to maximise your internet potential.

We tailor your hosting package to your requirements and include:

The correct amount of hosting space

The right bandwidth for your site’s traffic levels

Multiple email accounts

Access for those who need to keep the site up-to-date

Secure hosting via SSL

Advanced features for professional web developers