Managed network security solutions

Protecting your business from attack or the loss of vital customer, financial or product data seems like an obvious requirement.

Businesses believe their data is being protected and backed-up but often it isn’t.

At IGC, we will quickly identify an effective security and data back-up system to match your needs and install it, at very reasonable cos

Email Security

Emails and the internet are great business tools, but with insufficient system security they can leave your system open to the outside world and all of the hazards that might bring.

Network Secuirty

Our managed network security solutions provide effective antivirus software, firewalls and other SPAM, nuisance prevention and security software that will keep your system safe from attack.

We also provide E-mail monitoring and content filtering software that allows you to prevent internal problems, which is also an important part of business security. As our customer, we want you to feel safe to use these resources to get maximum benefit for your business, and we believe the business internet security we provide will allow you this.