“IGC offer affordable IT support and monitor all of our systems fixing many IT problems well before they become critical and start to affect our business.” Julie Courtney Type-IT

Your Silent IT Manager

We provide IT support services and solutions to businesses that need a reliable IT environment. Whatever level of in-house proficiency you have, we can help you to improve the performance and security of your IT environment.

From our base in North Manchester, we work with businesses across the UK. From small single site offices to large corporates, we design and deliver bespoke services that bring consistency and reliability to the IT environment.

IT Outsourcing For Small Business
Employing us as your professional IT outsourcing company allows you to keep your IT system working at its peak efficiency without the additional overhead costs of an extra member of staff. We monitor our customers systems and fix many issues before they start to affect their business. Down time is costly and cost of doing nothing is only realised in face of disaster.

Our qualified technicians have many years experience working with local companies and their IT systems.
We are well placed to deal with all sizes of networks from small business IT support  to those involving up to a hundreds of units. We maintain excellent relations with our customers through close contact and support. Our rates are competitive and realistic, aimed specifically at businesses like yours.

Work with us. Trust us. Let us do the hard work.

Emergency Support

In an emergency we will visit your site to fix whatever computer problems you’re having.

For example when one of our customer’s servers went down last Christmas at his industrial printer manufacturering company, it was IGC that helped them get back on track with a minimum of fuss.