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June 2016

Windows 10 Upgrade Tactics, Users Fightback With Petition

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Anger and noises of discontent directed at Microsoft’s tactical changes in their campaign to speed the uptake of the Windows 10 free upgrade before the cut-off date have been building over the last month.

Finally, it seems that disgruntled users can take no more, and as reported in ‘the Inquirer’ a petition has been launched to request that the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) wade in to help.

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Big Increase in DDoS Attacks Recorded in 2016

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A State of the Internet Report by researchers from Akamai shows a huge increase in the first quarter of 2016 in so called distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

The research from the U.S. content delivery network (CDN) and cloud services provider showed a massive 19 such attacks that exceeded 100 Gbps took place in the first quarter of this year, compared to only 5 on the last quarter of 2015.

The previous record for DDoS attacks was 17 back in the third quarter of 2014.

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MySpace Hacked Database Could Affect Millions

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The latest high profile data security breach has been identified as MySpace.

News of the breach which involved what appears to be the theft of customer details from an old MySpace database was made public first by LeakedSource who are reported to have received a copy of the breached data from one of their users. LeakedSource offer a subscription service that enables people to search for their usernames on hacked sites to see if they have been compromised.

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