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February 2019

Australian Parliament Hit By Cyber-Hack Event

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The Australian Parliament’s IT system was the victim of a cyber-hack event that looks like a Foreign state-sponsored attack on the Australian legislative body. The hack was unsuccessful as Parliamentary IT specialists stated that no information had been accessed or stolen but as a precaution the entire network’s user ID and passports systems had been reset for all users “as a precaution.” Read More

Mumsnet Hit By Data Breach

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Parenting website, Mumsnet, the fountain of knowledge that also has a penchant for celebrities and their taste in biscuits, was forced to report itself to the Information Commissioner’s Office after a data protection breach occurred between 5-7th of February 2019. Read More

Was Jeff Bezos The Weak Link In His Own Cyber Security?

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The BBC’s Chief Technology Editor, Rory Cellan-Jones, argues that humans are often (but not always) the main weakness within the cyber security landscape. There is an irony here in that Bezos’ Amazon Web Services – which powers Netflix and the wider internet – is an industry-leader in web security. Yet what came to light during his divorce and subsequent affair revelations was his phone was hacked and the biggest influence in this relationship was Jeff Bezos. Read More

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