What is a hosted desktop?

A Hosted Desktop is just like a standard Microsoft Windows desktop. Instead of the settings, data and operating system being stored on your local office PC, everything runs from a server in our secure state-of-the-art data centre.

Each user is provided with their own Hosted Desktop that can be accessed from any machine or device from any location with an internet connection. Users can access all of their files, data and applications from on the road, at home or even when meeting a client.

Many companies that offer Hosted desktop are simply re-selling a rigid 3rd Party Cloud Platform. At IGC, we have designed and implemented our own Cloud infrastructure. We are specialists in Cloud Technologies and can offer your company a flexible Cloud Design.CALL FOR MORE INFO

Hosted desktop benefits

Easy to Manage – All the files, user profiles and data is held in one location, regardless of where employees choose to work or how they access their desktop.

Automation – Hosted Desktop also remedies other IT pain: any Microsoft software is upgraded automatically for free; users are protected from viruses; and files are automatically backed up for disaster recovery.

Simple to Upgrade – Business applications such as CRM, ERP, databases and accounting packages can be seamlessly integrated to deliver a fully functional desktop. Users can access the applications they need and from wherever they need to work without the hardware limitations of the device they need to access it from.

The Cloud is enabling a new approach to IT by making new systems and applications more accessible than ever. Your business can use the cloud to become more agile, more cost efficient and more progressive with simplified adoption and management of new technologies.

Flexibility  Access systems and applications when and where you need them and scale their usage to meet seasonal requirements and business growth.

Cost Control – Bring predictability and cost control into IT and access many of the applications you need on a pay-as-you-go basis.