Managed network security solutions


IT Security is incredibly important to any IT infrastructure. Viruses, Spyware, and Malware are increasing at an alarming rate. Security in the sense relates to the protection of information and systems against unauthorised access or modification. Protecting your organisation against security threats is becoming an increasingly complex and time-consuming challenge, especially with the rise of organised cyber-crime and legislative demands such as GDPR.

By working with IGC Technical Solutions, you can be assured that your infrastructure is secure, that current security patches are up to date and appropriate protection is employed, to offer you the greatest security. The systems we use have been developed by infrastructure specialist and as a result have been built in such a way that they are naturally protected from most known threats. That’s not to say we don’t use Anti-Virus Products and Anti-Malware Tools, we use these products throughout our system as a 2nd Line of defence. Taking appropriate action now can save you a world of hurt in the days ahead.

When it comes to cybersecurity known by several names, Computer Security, IT Security and Virus Protection, there is no magic bullet. It requires ongoing attention to detail – a layering of processes and technologies to best ensure that we detect and stop malicious activity before it causes major harm to your business.

IGC managed firewall solution delivers excellent perimeter security and control at speeds that keep up with your traffic at the edge and the core of the network. As a managed service, this firewall technology combined with the expertise of IGC cybersecurity engineers ensures that your network remains secure with ongoing 24x7x365 real-time monitoring.

We can offer the best advice to ensure you have acceptable protection Call for more info

Businesses believe their data is being protected and backed-up but often it isn’t.

At IGC, we will quickly identify an effective security and data backup system to match your needs and install it, at very reasonable cost.

Email Security

Emails and the internet are great business tools, but with insufficient system security they can leave your system open to the outside world, and all of the hazards that might bring. We’ll put extra protection in place for all incoming and outgoing emails from all known email threats.

Network Security

Our managed network security solutions provide effective antivirus software, firewalls and other SPAM, nuisance prevention plus security software that will keep your system safe from attack.

We also provide E-mail monitoring and content filtering software that allows you to prevent internal problems, which is also an important part of business security. As our customer, we want you to feel safe to use these resources to get maximum benefit for your business, and we believe the business internet security we provide will allow you this.